Prospecta Utilities strikes $8M deal for world-first technology

Prospecta CEO Mark Langdon alongside GemLIfe Managing Director Adrian Puljich

A Queensland family that transformed the land lease industry is moving into the communications and renewable energy space, with an $8 million investment in world-first 5G mm wave fixed wireless access network technology.

The Puljich family, behind the 3072-home GemLife and Living Gems portfolios, is bringing the disruptive technology to Australia under its new business, Prospecta Utilities.

Challenging fibre-to-the-premise offerings and traditional telecommunications providers, it will allow non-carriers to establish their own enterprise networks.

Prospecta Utilities has struck a deal with American software and hardware provider Airspan Networks Holdings for the first 500 units of the ground-breaking AIR5G 7200 5G radio technology, a stand-alone solution that can network multiple homes, devices and technologies enabling intelligent cities.

GemLife resorts will be the first in the world to access the new technology, with a pilot of 97 homes at GemLife Tweed Waters in the first quarter of 2024, before it is deployed across all 14,000 existing and future homes across the 30 resorts in the portfolios by 2028.

Prospecta Utilities is also in discussions with developers and asset owners across the multi-residential, retirement, commercial, retail, industrial, agricultural, sports, education and private health spaces to install the new technology, which is available across three offerings to suit various applications.

Prospecta Utilities chief executive officer Mark Langdon said the technology was a game changer in Australia and internationally, offering a future-proof alternative to traditional networks.

“This new technology delivers fast, low-latency and reliable connectivity at speeds up to 2GB per second, while providing a cost-effective solution and future readiness,” he said.

“While traditional fibre services Wi-Fi only, radio networks allow connection to various devices and technologies, redefining the way industries like logistics, warehousing, transportation, agriculture, renewables and manufacturing manage robotics and advanced equipment.

“Its ability to enhance automation and digital transformation improves operational efficiencies and drives growth, with its applications only set to increase as new technologies get up to speed.

“In a fast-evolving technological environment, it is capable of servicing a future that doesn’t yet exist, with innovative businesses investing now poised to have the first-mover advantage.”

GemLife Director and Chief Executive Officer, Adrian Puljich, said continuous innovation was vital for all businesses operating in the modern environment, including its GemLife and Living Gems resorts.

He said the new technology would ensure a quality experience for its residents and the operational efficiency of the land lease communities.

“We see the opportunity to connect amenities and infrastructure in our own resorts to improve systems and experiences, from irrigation sensors that enhance sustainability by only watering when required to automated buggies to transport residents and a digital concierge and fully integrated energy management,” he said.

“Investing in private enterprise networks future proofs our resorts, meaning our offerings for residents can easily evolve alongside emerging technology, using advancements to enhance lifestyle and well-being.

“In the immediate term, residents will enjoy seamless internet connection to their homes, at a more affordable rate. Connecting each home to this technology is about 40 per cent cheaper than traditional fibre.”

Mr Puljich said the technology would also offer environmental and safety advantages during construction of the resorts, with plans to deploy the network as its 553-home GemLife Moreton Bay resort in South-East Queensland came to life.

“During construction, we’ll be able to use the technology to monitor safety and air quality, by networking individual machinery, tracking UV exposure levels for our workers and dust levels,” he said.

Prospecta Utilities is also making headway in the renewable energy sector, offering customised Virtual Power Plants (VPP) to better utilise solar power, reducing running costs and providing lower electricity bills for homeowners.

That technology has already been rolled-out across several GemLife resorts, which are now up to 90 per cent energy independent while saving residents more than 60 per cent on their power bills.