Prospecta to deliver superfast internet speeds to over 50s communities

Prospecta Utilities CEO explaining how connected communities work to client

Prospecta Utilities is set to revolutionise connectivity with one of the first installations of a 5G stand-alone millimetre wave fixed wireless network in Australia, offering rapid internet speeds of up to 2GB per second to over-50s lifestyle resort, GemLife Gold Coast.

The installation of nine 5G radio devices began in June and will be completed this month, creating an interconnected ‘smart city’ for the first 12 from a total of 74 homes at GemLife Gold Coast in Pimpama.

Prospecta Utilities partnered with American hardware and software RAN provider, Airspan Networks Holdings, to develop the AIR5G 7200 5G radio technology, providing a stand-alone solution to traditional fibre-to-the-premise offerings. This innovative technology will enable seamless integration of smart home devices, enhancing residents’ daily lives through improved connectivity.

GemLife Gold Coast resident, Jeff Ward said he looked forward to using the new technology to transform his residence into a smart home, following his house being connected to the new 5G radio technology in the coming month.

Mr Ward is an expert on The Internet of Things (IoT) having headed up the Safer Smarter Cities strategy for Japanese IT and electronics multinational giant NEC Corporation in Australia.

“Prospecta Utilities’ 5G fixed wireless network, along with its internet capabilities, will enable us to seamlessly integrate our household into a smart ecosystem, streamlining daily tasks and enhancing our overall quality of life,” he said.

“We’re in the process of installing more than 40 devices in our home that will enable systems ranging from our security, lights, aircon and television, among others, to be connected to the network once it is live and controlled remotely through our smartphones or voice control.”

Prospecta Utilities installing connected communities at GemLife Gold Coast

Following the successful deployment at GemLife Gold Coast, Prospecta Utilities plans to extend this technology to all 14,000 existing and future homes across GemLife’s portfolio of 30 resorts by 2028.

Prospecta Utilities CEO, Mark Langdon, said the 5G fixed wireless network system was the result of bringing three vendors together to deliver the latest technology.

“What we’re creating at GemLife is one wireless smart city delivering super-fast speeds to residents while also enabling the resort to operate at an optimum level,” he said.

“The reliable and cost-effective speeds mean residents will be able to seamlessly connect to the IoT, enhancing their lives.”

“For the average GemLife resident, the primary benefit will be the uninterrupted connectivity without lag or loading issues, regardless of the number of users within the community or connected to the network.

“The work we’ve done with Airspan and GemLife will be replicated across GemLife’s portfolio of communities across Australia.”

GemLife Director and CEO, Adrian Puljich, said the collaboration with Prospecta and Airspan was all about ensuring their communities would stay ahead of the technological curve.

“The investment will future-proof our communities so that residents can take advantage of all the technological advancements to come,” he said.

“We’re proud of the work we’ve done and will continue to bring these innovations to residents to enhance their lifestyle and wellbeing.”

Airspan CEO Glenn Laxdal said the technology would lay a robust groundwork for the future of connected living.

“This project exemplifies a smart city use case, enhancing daily life and streamlining community maintenance. Together, we are transforming how communities connect and thrive.”