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Mark Leal - BDM Renewables and Energy
Mark Leal - BDM Renewables and Energy

Showcasing how innovative technology solves problems and creates opportunities for business is a driving passion for Mark Leal, Business Development Manager (Renewables and Energy) for Prospecta Utilities.

The field of renewables, along with enterprise management software, have been Mark’s professional interests since the early 2000s, and he relishes bringing this technology to a wide range of industry sectors through Prospecta Utilities.

Those sectors include tourism, defence, facilities management, aged care and local government.

“My goal is to make it easy for decision makers to understand what the services offered by Prospecta Utilities can do for their organisation,” he said. “Just because you’re the CFO or the COO it doesn’t mean you’re necessarily fully across the technology.

“Some people think renewables is simply a matter of just putting a solar panel on the roof, but it’s more sophisticated than that. Solar collectors might mean that your electricity usage is cheaper, but you also have the demand charges to account for.

“What we offer at Prospecta Utilities is a full energy management system that not only reduces the cost of electricity for the end user but can also help create energy independence and an additional revenue stream.”

Prospecta Utilities’ Virtual Power Plant system seamlessly integrates solar, smart meters, inverters and batteries that are then connected to the grid.

Over-50s lifestyle resort operator, GemLife, was the first in the Land Lease Community (LLC) sector to install a VPP, which is now being rolled out across future and existing resorts. Other operators in the retirement industry have also expressed interest in the technology.

“Of course, we have a connection with GemLife but not all Land Lease Communities operate in the same space,” said Mark. “In the lower-cost end of the market, and in the retirement village sector, there is a real need to reduce the cost-of-living pressures on lower-income households.

“There is a sincere recognition of the importance of reducing people’s bills and benefits to the operator in terms of sustainability, but the opportunity to generate a revenue stream from a VPP is something which many operators haven’t considered.”

Economic benefit only tells half the story, said Mark.

“There are many, many players in the market who can put solar panels on the roof, but you really don’t know who they are and where they’re sourcing their technology from,” he said.

“We were discussing modern slavery and how, unfortunately, slave labour is being used in some parts of the world to manufacture solar panels. We cannot buy and supply from those manufacturers. Our goal is to be in the first spot for cost effectiveness, ethical sourcing and sustainability.”

Providing tailored solutions to clients facing unique challenges is a satisfying part of the job, said Mark.

“The resort operators are committed to using renewables, and a Virtual Power Plant that provides consistent and reliable power is going to meet their needs now and into the future,” he said.

“Prospecta Utilities has accomplished so much in a short space of time, and it is only the beginning of incredible things to come.”

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