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Angela Forero, Manager Advisory Services
Our People - Angela Forero, Manager Advisory Services

Creating environmentally sustainable organisations

As an experienced sustainability leader, Prospecta Utilities’ Advisory Services Manager Angela Forero enjoys helping organisations transition to a greener future, and exploring all the ways it can be done.

“There are many challenges and opportunities for businesses to operationalise sustainability,” Angela said.

“The first step is to ensure sustainability pathways are developed in alignment with an organisation’s strategic goals and stakeholder expectations.”

Angela has a notable list of government agencies and private organisations in her employment history, including KPMG, Australia Post, and Frasers Property Australia. She considers herself fortunate to have worked across a wide range of asset classes, teams, and services to broaden her insights.

In Angela’s most recent appointment, as Advisory Services Manager at renewable energy company Prospecta Utilities, she advises clients on energy efficiency, carbon reduction, electrification, and how to achieve National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS) and Green Star benchmarks.

“At Prospecta, my team’s role is to look at an organisational challenge, find a way to tackle it and have a plan in place for it to be solved,” she said.

“Prospecta Utilities is unique in that we can take organisations on a sustainability journey through the whole lifecycle – from inception, to planning and execution of a renewables project, to ongoing management.”

If a company wanted to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions by a certain amount, then Angela and her team would work out different ways and solutions for achieving that.

“We would look at procuring energy from renewable sources such as solar and battery power, or it might be upgrading to more energy-efficient assets, or assets that don’t require fossil fuels. A solution might be to replace fuel with gas or electrification for example.

“Companies may even have 50 percent of the answers and the remaining 50 percent is for us to work out and get them to where they’d like to be with their long-term goals.”

Angela is enjoying her colleagues and the culture at Prospecta.

“The people I’m working with have different and varied skilled sets and this means we can share our knowledge and experience to determine the best way forward,” she said.

“My role itself is very dynamic, knowing that one solution does not fit all. There is more awareness now about climate change and a lot of activity in the energy sector where there is more pressure on businesses to become more sustainable and disclose the way they operate. It’s a very dynamic industry and will continue to be in the years to come, and that’s exciting.”

Angela has an environmental and sanitary engineering degree and has a Masters of Energy Efficient and Sustainable Building with RMIT University.

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