Sawmill, Sweden

The Challenge

The client was a manually operated sawmill in the north of Stockholm. The CIO at the sawmill wanted increased autonomy and digitization of the processes and ways of working at the plant. After installing 48 WiFi routers to improve connectivity he realised this was not the way forward.

The Solution

With a 5G network, the sawmill will take the next step in digitalisation and achieve use cases not possible in its existing WiFi network. The 5G network will provide a solution enabling the sawmill to be one of Europe’s top 5 most digitalised sawmills. Technological transformation play a vital role in the sawmill achieving efficient and sustainable production and a safe workplace.

Plant-wide Connectivity

Safety – Introduction of autonomous vehicles removes the need for staff to work in dangerous locations

Risk – Reduced risk, harm or injury to staff as well as improved management of dangerous goods

Efficiency – Real-time monitoring of infrastructure and assets, reduced operational and management costs

Community – Trialing and innovating business and site-management processes to better serve the community

Environment – Refined asset and resource management practices lead to improved environmental outcomes