Mining, Sweden

The Challenge

Due to the remote location of the mines in the north of Sweden, there is very little access to mobile or fixed communications. The lack of reliable communications presents safety challenges to all workers at the mine as there is no easy way to notify authorities or call for help in case of an accident. While these safety concerns are a high priority for the business, they would also like to automate many of their activities. The client’s WiFi solution was unstable and lacked the capability to allow the mine owners to digitize work practices and provide a safe working environment.

The Solution

Prospecta Utilities has access to rapid deployment solutions for both 4G and 5G. This provides work sites in remote locations with high-speed data and voice communications anywhere, anytime. These solutions allow for onsite deployment on a short to medium term to ensure your staff are safe and your business is operating with high efficiency. These solutions are flexible, nimble and allow businesses to deploy on-demand communications when and where needed. Connectivity issues for businesses in remote locations can be solved immediately through the rapid deployment of this innovative high-speed 5G solution.

Operation-wide Connectivity

Safety – Increased physical and cyber security due to better I.T. and site management

Risk – Reduced risk of data and economic leakage through improved business visibility

Efficiency – Realtime monitoring of infrastructure and assets plus reduced operational and management costs

Community – Dwelling owners receive dedicated connectivity and data services

Environment – Refined asset and resource management practices lead to improved environmental outcomes