GemLife, Residential
Enterprise Network

The Challenge

GemLife is an over-50s lifestyle resort developer creating high-end residential estates along the East Coast of Australia. Currently GemLife uses a traditional connectivity solution deploying fibre connectivity to each dwelling within its estates. This practice limits the Gemlife business from accessing this connectivity to use for better resort, asset and infrastructure management.

The Solution

GemLife will employ Prospecta Utilities to rollout out a dedicated Enterprise Network to provide all residents with an individual internet service provided through their chosen Internet Service Provider (ISP). This same wireless Enterprise Network will allow GemLife to automate operations through the deployment of intelligent devices monitoring its critical infrastructure. Prospecta will also wholesale this network to ISPs, providing homeowners access to a broad range of competitive retail offerings.

Estate-wide Connectivity

Safety – Increased physical and cyber security due to better I.T. and site management

Risk – Reduced risk of data and economic leakage through improved business visibility

Efficiency – Real-time monitoring of infrastructure and assets, plus reduced operational and management costs

Community – Dwelling owners receive dedicated connectivity and data services

Environment – Refined asset and resource management practices lead to improved environmental outcomes