About us

Empowering possibility

Prospecta Utilities designs, creates and implements innovative energy and connectivity solutions that make sustainable business choices easy. Born out of experience delivering custom enterprise networks powered by renewable energy solutions, Prospecta Utilities is harnessing the same proven ‘always on, always connected’ technology across countless multi-industry use-case scenarios.

The Prospecta Utilities team capitalises on decades of extensive industry experience in sustainable development and energy in the private sector.

Company CEO Mark Langdon leads a team of industry professionals in the areas of sustainability and emerging technologies for energy management and communications. Our advisory board harnesses decades of industry knowledge, including the energy sector, real estate and development, banking and finance, and legal and compliance both in Australia and internationally.

These robust and scalable technology solutions are designed to assist developers and asset owners to meet United Nations Sustainability Development Goals and provide their communities with future-ready resources.

Proven solutions architecture

Prospecta Utilities delivers the technology for competitive differentiation, and a clearly defined growth opportunity. We offer the most robust renewable energy and connectivity designs implemented by a team with unrivalled expertise in delivering ground-breaking solutions.